Super Seducer Creator Might Sell The Games As NFTs After Nintendo Rejection

Producer Richard La Ruina took to Twitter to announcing that the Super Seducer games will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch. La Ruina is searching for a new outlet to distribute Super Seducer and is considering selling the games as NFTs.

Originally releasing in 2018, Super Seducer is a real-life dating sim. By real life, we mean that producer Richard La Ruina is the main character and you control what he does. La Ruina describes the game as “the world’s most realistic seduction simulator.” Super Seducer 3 was set to release for Valentine’s Day this year, however after reviewing the content, Steam has banned the game due to “sexually explicit images of real people.”

Recently, La Ruina has turned to Nintendo, in the attempt of offering Super Seducer 1 and 2 on the Switch. Unsurprisingly though, Nintendo will not be moving forward with this. La Ruina once again took to Twitter, explaining the situation with a screenshot of an email from Nintendo. Much like Steam, Nintendo has decided that the game is too explicit to be sold on the eShop.

With limited places to sell this game, La Ruina is considering selling the Super Seducer games as NFTs, or nonfungible tokens. It’s a little difficult to understand what an NFT is, but just think of it as an original copy of something. Basically, selling a game as an NFT is like selling the original files. This format doesn’t require a specific console, which creates a loophole for games that are banned on certain platforms.

NFTs are similar to cryptocurrency in that both are part of a blockchain. While cryptocurrencies are all an exact copy of each other (allowing them to be exchanged), NFTs can vary. Since most people don’t have a full grasp on NFTs, selling Super Seducer as one may be difficult and out of reach from most people.

After being turned down by both Nintendo and Steam, Richard La Ruina is running out of options. Other platforms exist for buying video games, but these two are definitely the most popular. When Super Seducer released in 2018, the games were pulled from the PlayStation store. Selling the games as NTFs may be one of the last possibilities for La Ruina.

The idea of a real-life, choose your adventure game sounds exciting. Unfortunately, Super Seducer may have gone about it the wrong way. Since the initial release, the games have been criticized for objectifying women. Although the game is being removed for real sexual content, it is interesting to see games with animated sexual content remain in gaming stores. There are countless games on Steam that are essentially hentai, yet they remain available for purchase. It poses the question; what really makes a game ‘too explicit’ for Steam?

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