Super Meat Boy Forever Is Out Now On Nintendo Switch

The 2010’s were a fantastic decade for indie games, one that saw the birth of endless creative sandboxes like Minecraft or challenging games like The Binding of Isaac. Among the several indie greats from the decade, Super Meat Boy stood out for its universally acclaimed artstyle and difficult platforming.

Due to its widespread success on multiple systems, since 2014 Team Meat had announced a planned sequel to the game titled Super Meat Forever, which was originally slated for 2018, but saw a fair share of delays from the indie studio that pushed it’s release for Christmas 2020.

As it turns out Super Meat Boy Forever is now finally out for both Nintendo Switch and PC (via Epic Games Store), with the publisher itself announcing the game’s release on Twitter under the premise that “Sleep can wait.” Team Meat had previously revealed the launch date a couple of weeks ago with a beautiful trailer showing Super Meat Boy Forever’s gameplay.

Almost 7 years in development, Super Meat Boy Forever sees the game depart quite a bit from the original’s formula that inspired so many other indie gems (like Ori and the Blind Forest), with the sequel being an auto-runner platformer where the player’s controls will be limited to two buttons only. Storywise, instead of saving his darling Bandage Girl, this time around Meat Boy’ goal will be to save their baby daughter Nugget from the evil Dr. Fetus.

Initially Super Meat Boy Forever is a timed exclusive for the Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch, currently priced at $19.99, with Xbox One, PS4 and Steam versions coming in January 2021 at a still undisclosed date, so Switch owners should get at least a few weeks to try out the procedurally generated levels the game will offer.

Though the jury is still out on whether Super Meat Boy Forever’s simpler two button formula manages to recreate the first game’s slick platforming at its fullest, fans of the original Super Meat Boy or those who may have never played it can currently try it out on Nintendo Switch for an all-time low discounted price of $5.99 until January 2, 2021.

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