Super Mario 3D All-Stars Update Adds GameCube Controller Support For Sunshine

The latest patch for Super Mario 3D All-Stars has added GameCube controller support for Super Mario Sunshine.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars has been blasted for its lazy ports and barebones presentation. The best you can say about the game is that it contains functional (if just barely) versions of some classic Mario titles. The version of Super Mario Sunshine in the collection was criticized for its lack of GameCube controller support. You can use GameCube controllers on the Switch with a special adapter that was made for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Without the GameCube controller, the pressure-sensitive button pressing commands that let you move or fire at different speeds are gone.

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A patch for Super Mario 3D All-Stars that would add inverted camera controls was announced in October. It turns out that the patch had bigger things in store. According to Nintendo’s support site for Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the GameCube controller will now work with Super Mario Sunshine. The update also added bug fixes to all three games in the collection, as well as the promised inverted camera controls.

You need to own a GameCube controller and the GameCube Controller Adapter for this setup to work. The GameCube controller only works when the Switch is in the dock, as the adapter needs to be plugged in. This means that you can’t use the GameCube controller with the Switch Lite. The button prompts in Super Mario Sunshine will still reflect the modern Switch controllers, so you’ll have to work the GameCube ones out for yourself.

The poor quality of Super Mario 3D All-Stars didn’t affect its sales. Nintendo could easily have forgotten about the game and moved on to other titles. It’s good to see that the collection is receiving features after launch that help bring the individual titles closer to their original versions. GameCube controller support was a notable omission from Super Mario Sunshine on Switch, and the speedrunners of the world can rejoice at the return of all of the helpful glitches that pressure-sensitive controls provide.

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