Sunny Suljic Wants To Play Atreus In Amazon’s God Of War TV Series

The live-action God of War show rumored to be in the works at Amazon was confirmed to be real by the studio this week. That restarted the conversation regarding who should be cast in what have become iconic roles, and the actor we all know as Atreus would like to be considered.

Actually, he seems to be pretty adamant he's the one who should be cast as the son of Kratos. “I swear to god if I don’t get booked for this,” Sunny Suljic tweeted. The actor has played Atreus since 2018, and although it's not clear if he's joking about reprising the role, there are few people who know the character better than he does.

While Suljic's initial reaction to confirmation from Amazon that a God of War adaptation is happening appears to be in jest, the reply makes it feel a little more sincere. It also highlights a valid reason why Suljic might not even be in the running to play live-action Atreus. “Unless I’m too old now I guess?” Suljic replied to his own tweet. A valid point as a lot of time has passed since he first played what was a very young Atreus in 2018's game.

That doesn't mean Suljic can't play a part in the God of War adaptation at all, though. HBO's The Last Of Us premieres on January 15, and while Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will be its Joel and Ellie, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who play the characters in the games, have parts in the show. The trailers for the adaptation appear to have revealed Johnson will actually play Ellie's mom, a character players never meet in the games.

It's a shame Suljic probably is too old to play Atreus in the God of War show as the young actor did a terrific job of bringing the character to life across both games. So good that he was nominated for best performance at The Game Awards last week. He may well have won the award had it not been for his video game dad Christopher Judge, who voices Kratos, winning it instead.

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