Subnautica Below Zero – Fan made maps and the ‘Seatruck’ update new to early access build

Recently Subnautica: Below Zero also received its first big development update known as “The Seatruck Update”.

The update includes two new biomes and new plant life, and most notably the introduction of a new underwater vehicle, The Seatruck.

The Seatruck is a modular submersible with huge upgrade options, allowing you to transform the vehicle from not much more than a cosy cabin to your own giant, tailored design.

With multiple useful modules, The Seatruck seems to aid exploration and long journeys away from your base, encouraging players to swim deeper and further than ever before.

So far only three modules have been made available and the more modules you attach to your Seatruck the slower you’ll move.

Under attack? Shed a module to become faster. Need a fabricator with you at all times? Add a crafting module.

The system means that you can adapt your vehicle for any purpose.

Subnautica: Below Zero is expected to remain in its early access build for another year at least, but anyone with Steam can play the early access content right now.

For everyone else, patches and updates are still being added to Subnautica’s core game while we wait for Below Zero to get a full console release.

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