Streets Of Kamurocho Blends Yakuza And Streets Of Rage For Some Classic Sega Fun

What’s better than the Yakuza or Streets of Rage franchises? A mash-up of the two of them together! That’s just what Streets of Kamurocho is. A free title that will be given out in a few days, the game was created as a way to celebrate Sega’s 60th anniversary and obviously promote both Yakuza and Streets of Rage.

I’ve always considered Yakuza to be a 3D version of the classic Genesis brawler, so this makes a lot of sense. In Streets of Kamurocho, players will team up as Kiryu Kazuma and Majima Goro to take on the mean streets of Tokyo. While mostly a reskin of Streets of Rage 2 (and possibly not even the full game), can you really argue with the price of free?

Streets of Kamurocho will be available from October 17 – 19 on Steam. It won’t be the only free game Sega is making available. Starting tomorrow, Steam users will be able to grab Armor of Heroes. A four player tank combat game, it uses assets from the Company of Heroes series and will be available until October 19. Endless Zone is the next game, being made available from October 16 – 19 and resembling the arcade classic Fantasy Zone.

The most interesting title here has to be Golden Axed. Sega claims the title is “a restored build of an old, canceled Golden Axe project.” You’ll only have a single day to grab this once it becomes available on October 18. Hopefully, the release of this prototype means that Sega is looking to potentially revive Golden Axe. I’d love to see that series get the same treatment Streets of Rage got this year.

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