'Street Fighter V' Final Season Adds 'Rival Schools' Characters

For the game’s fifth and final season, Capcom is bringing a series of characters from the 1997 hit Rival Schools: United by Fate to Street Fighter V, including Dan, Rose, Oro, and Akira.

For those unfamiliar, Dan Hibiki is a fighting master in the Saikyo style and is also close friends with both Blanka and Sakura. Capcom has given the character a few updates, including new moves you’ll be able to use. Next up is Rose, a fortune teller who uses Soul Power in combat, and will come with a new stage in season five. Oro comes third and will be making a return since Street Fighter III with his unorthodox playstyle and unique attacks, accompanied by a new turtle friend. Finally, Akira Kazam is making her Street Figther debut with this update, bringing one of Rival Schools fans’ favorite character to the iconic franchise.

With the first update scheduled for winter this year, Capcom plans on releasing Dan at the end of 2020, followed by Rose next spring, Oro and Akira next summer, and a fifth mystery character in fall 2021. To learn more, head over to Capcom’s website.

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