Streamer Invents A Genius Way To Eat McDonalds While Gaming

Twitch streamer “Simyakis” created the ultimate way to eat McDonalds while gaming, sharing his revolutionary knowledge with Twitch chat. Simyakis, enlightened by the gaming gods, was able to generously bestow the technique upon his mortal viewers in less than 30 seconds.

So what is required? As uncovered by our research and expertise on the matter – it looks like one 6-count McNugget entrée, one medium soda, and some fries are all that’s needed to pull of the stunt. The technique is not without risks, however, as the 6-count nugget container is like yin and yang – balance is required. If one side is too heavy, the entire operation could end with soda spilling everywhere.

As GirlWithYellowSpoon proved last month, having liquids near your electronics is like playing with fire. Unfortunately for her, when attempting to throw something at a sign behind her desk, she turned her chair around and bumped a glass over, spilling water all over her desk.

Many users shared this concern, believing that the balancing act may have ended in the streamer’s turmoil. One of the most famous instances of a streamer’s heart breaking into pieces at the loss of a meal is when Tyler1 decided to show off his delicious-looking chicken parmesan meal, made by his girlfriend. Upon tilting his plate towards the webcam to allow his viewers a better view, the entire meal slides off the plate and onto his setup. What followed was the tears of a broken man – viewer discretion is advised.

Others were relieved that Simyakis didn’t elect to simply cram the food into the drink, creating a monstrosity of a shake; As we all know, doing something like this is nothing short of unholy and would’ve resulted in the streamer’s immediate ban off of Twitch.

Viewers should ensure to use this powerful knowledge with care; The consumption technique is not for those untrained in the art of eating McDonalds. Due to the long hours that streaming often requires, fast food and gaming go hand-in-hand. As humanity advances, our fast food intake methodology will undoubtedly advance alongside it. With discoveries like this one on the horizon, we may even be entering into a new Renaissance – Simyakis a modern-day Michelangelo.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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