Stray: Where To Find Every Memory In Antvilllage

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  • Finding All The Memories
  • Where To Find The First Memory
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  • Why Can’t I Interact With The Memory In Antvillage?

It’s been quite the trek from the Slums, but Stray has finally given you a brief respite with Antvillage. Antvillage is substantially smaller than the Slums, but it is just as safe and relaxing. There are a few tasks you can complete here, but the one we are most interested in is B-12’s Memories.

B-12 has had a rough time of late, and his amnesia is not doing them any favours. Between realising who he is, uncovering what he did, and coming to terms with his future, it’s no surprise B-12 has his first real moment of contemplation in this chapter. Be a pal, and give him a hand in reclaiming his past.

Finding All The Memories

Antvillage is surprisingly small, so there are only two Memories to be found. Not only that, but one of these Memories is mandatory. This leaves you with only one missable Memory. There are a few things that can get in the way of your Memory hunt in Antvillage, but we have you covered.

Where To Find The First Memory

Your first Memory is mandatory. You can’t miss it. It is directly linked to the story, so all you have to do is get to Antvillage and walk across the bridge. That’s it. This Memory will have a profound effect on B-12.

Where To Find The Second Memory

Once you have entered Antvillage and claimed B-12’s first memory, you are free to explore and find his second. This is fairly easy as Antvillage is a very short section. All you have to do is climb the nearby ladders and then make your way towards the second set of ladders. Instead of going up them, check the wall near the nearby sofa and you will find the last Memory in Antvillage.

Why Can’t I Interact With The Memory In Antvillage?

When you first encounter this Memory, you will not be able to activate it. This is because B-12, after discovering who he is during the mandatory Memory earlier in the chapter, is currently out of action and deep in thought.

Whilst in this state, B-12 cannot talk to Robots for you, they will not pick up items, and they will refuse to reclaim any Memories. B-12 will eventually snap out of this state and apologise. All you have to do is continue to climb up Antvillage until a cutscene with Zbaltazar triggers. Then, head back down and claim the Memory and any collectables you may have spotted.

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