Strange Horticulture: Which Plant Should You Give To Isidore Burbidge

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  • Should You Give Isidore Burbidge Butterdale Or Meakdew?
  • Should You Give Isidore Burbidge Storian Or Henchuck?

As you're running your little plant store in Strange Horticulture, you'll be faced with a series of decisions relating to customers that visit you. Most of the time you'll need to identify the correct plant to give to each customer, but for one customer, in particular, there are a couple of viable options.

Isidore Burbidge doesn't seem to be a pleasant fellow when he visits on your first day, in fact, he's rather rude. If you want to, you can teach this guy a lesson — a permanent one — and unlock the 'Extreme Consequences' achievement in the process. Here's what you need to know.

Should You Give Isidore Burbidge Butterdale Or Meakdew?

Isidore Burbidge will return on your second day to bother you yet again because he got a rash from the flowers you gave him. This time, you'll be faced with the choice of giving him one of two flowers.

Flower Image Description Consequences
Butterdale The plant with purple daisy-like flowers that have yellow centers. This will cure his rash and you'll never see this annoying man again.
Meakdew The plant with a tall cluster of red flowers. This will make his rash worse, so prepare yourself for another angry visit.

Should You Give Isidore Burbidge Storian Or Henchuck?

If you gave him the Meakdew, Isidore Burbidge returns to complain again on the fifth day. Here, you'll have another option to help him or, well… kill him.

Flower Image Description Consequences
Storian The vibrant red plant with green leaves and dark red berries. This will poison him, causing him to eventually die and unlock the 'Extreme Consequences' achievement for you.
Henchuck The plant with grey, drooping stalks that have orange berries, and bright green leaves. This will give him short-term memory loss so that he forgets what you did to him and you won't see him again.

The day after you give Isidore Burbidge the Storian, you will be visited by Malcolm Hodges, a police officer investigating his disappearance, but don't worry, nothing happens. Well, not until the end of the game where you get arrested.

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