Stories Untold Live CYOA Game Now Playing Out On Twitter

Entertainment Production Studio No Code has launched a live-play game on its Twitter account titled The Site Investigate – Stories Untold Live. The game launched on December 22, and is being posted in the classic choose-your-own-adventure style of play. As of this writing, the gameplay thread is 29 posts long, and has attracted the attention and activity of numerous players.

Stories Untold Live seems to indicate the game is somehow tied into No Code’s original Stories Untold game that launched in February 2017. Stories Untold involves four unique stories that mix classic text adventure and point and click mechanics together into a mystery anthology inspired by psychological horror and 1980s retro nostalgia. It’s currently available on Steam at a 75% discount (until January 5) for $2.49. It also comes in a bundle with No Code’s latest game Observation with a 71% discount for $9.98.

Stories Untold Live launched with a one minute, 14-second intro video shot from the first-person view of someone waking up, or perhaps coming to consciousness, in a forest. A supporting post describes the scene in text, adding that the person woke up “covered in plastic wrap.”

The mystery begins here, with options to ‘Read the note’ or ‘Check for injuries’, with two-thirds of players electing to read the note, which has the numbers 55.2, -2.6 written on it, and nothing else. The character states they don’t remember how they got it, but that it’s somehow important, and that it’s what brought them to this location.

The story continues with the finding of another mysterious note, the discovery that someone else, or perhaps a couple of someones, dumped them here and then left in different directions. And there’s an ominous sound, all around them, pulsing and fading in and out, with no discernable source. Armed with nothing more than a flashlight, the players guide the character in a direction that seemingly follows footprints and clues that lead to yet another note, and a much more grisly discovery.

The game will have recommenced by the time you read this, and there’s no indication as to how long the game will run for. It’s an interesting game for sure, and there’s hope that there will be more after this one.

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