Steam Free Games UPDATE ahead of Steam Summer Sale 2019 launch date

Rumour has it that the Steam Summer Sale will be starting next week and will include some top bargains.

It has become a tradition for PC gamers to learn when the next major Steam Sales update is coming and 2019 is proving no different.

From what has been shared online, the Steam Summer Sale will begin on Tuesday, June 25.

That’s just days way if proven true and will also mean a nicely timed launch in the UK.

The latest Steam Sale is expected to begin around 6pm in Europe, meaning a lot of PC gamers will be able to log in and check out the first deals.

Valve isn’t a company that makes a lot of fanfare over their massive sales, so don’t expect a big announcement across social media.

Last year saw the Summer Sale last 14 days and include over ten thousand games, including PUBG and Dead Cells.

Gamers also had the chance at unlocking free games by playing the Steam Summer Saliens Game.

“Team up with other Saliens to fight The Duldrumz on different planets and free the abducted games,” the official 2019 announcement reads.

“Gain XP as you battle, level up, unlock new abilities, and win cosmetic items to deck out your Salien. Plus, get Summer Sale Trading Cards just for playing.

“Choose to battle on a planet that piques your interest and you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win one of its rewards when it’s conquered.

“The longer your Salien spends on a planet the higher your chances of winning! The groups with the most tiles when a planet is taken will get to plant their flag as conquerors, undoubtedly gaining Saliverse-wide fame in the process.”

There is no guarantee that this feature will be returning in 2019 but there’s a good chance Valve will include some kind of variant event.

And until the new Steam Summer Sale begins, fans can try out a new free games trial right now.

The Insurgency Sandstorm free weekend has kicked off on Steam and can be downloaded for free today.

The first-person shooter will be available to play until Sunday and could be a great way to fill the time before the big Summer Sale begins.

“Insurgency: Sandstorm, the smash-hit indie FPS from New World Interactive, today invites players to join the fight in the Steam Free Weekend from today until June 24th,” the official announcement reveals.

“This is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to join the huge community of Insurgency: Sandstorm players, who already enjoy Insurgency’s signature style of immersive, team-based, high lethality gameplay.

“New World Interactive and Focus Home Interactive continue to be delighted with the response and community reception to Insurgency: Sandstorm so far.

“There are many more free content updates planned for the rest of this year and 2020, including modding support, game modes, maps, weapons, and more.

“Play Insurgency: Sandstorm during the Steam Free Weekend, starting 10am (PT) today until 10am Monday, June 24th, with all this new content available free to all players.”

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