Steam Down ahead of reported Halloween Sales event date

Valve users are reporting Steam server issues tonight, ahead of what many believe to the start of the Halloween Sales event.

Recent leaks suggest that this would happen today, October 28 and would run until early November 2019.

But before that was scheduled to happen, Steam servers went down.

There’s a good chance that the current outage is connected to loads of users logging in to check what is happening today.

The Steam Halloween Sale 2019 will include a lot of discounts and usually proves to be a massive draw.

So it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that enough people logging on at the same time is causing tonight’s issues.

For now, we don’t know official what is causing Steam servers to be down or how long the outage might last.

Down Detector websites that track major outages confirm that this outage is affecting players worldwide.

It’s unlikely that Steam will provide much in the way of updates unless today’s Store problems continue for several hours.

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