Stardew Valley: Every Parrot On Ginger Island And What They Unlock

Stardew Valley received its biggest update ever with the launch of version 1.5. While tons of new crops, items, and craftables were introduced, the shining star of the update turned out to be Ginger island. Ginger Island is a huge new area that can only be accessed after players successfully repair the community center and then go on to gather the supplies necessary to fix Willy’s boat. Afterward, players can pay to visit Ginger Island, a place where gold is substituted for golden walnuts, and friendly parrots govern the expansion of the island.

Once players get there, there will be no shortage of birds demanding walnuts from you. The guide below lists what 3each bird will give you so that you can make the right purchases first.

Unlock the Island

Leo’s Hut – 1 Golden Walnut

The very first parrot that players will need to pay is the one on Leo’s hut. This will be one of the first open locations on the island and is incredibly easy to find. Simply take the path on the left when getting out of the boat to enter the jungle. From there, proceed north to enter the hut.

This parrot will only cost you a single golden walnut, which can easily be harvested from a bush on the way.

Near The Turtle – 10 Golden Walnuts

The next major parrot that players will need to consider investing in is located on the beach near a turtle blocking the path that leads to the island farm. This parrot needs a one-time fee of ten golden walnuts.

Paying the fee will summon a swarm of parrots to persuade the turtle to settle down somewhere else and is an absolute must for those wanting to experience everything Ginger Island has to offer.

Bride Repair – 10 Golden Walnuts

Another smaller section of the island will be blocked off. This is found near an archeologist tent in the northern section of the island, right below the volcano dungeon. To repair the bridge and gain access to the dig site, you will need to pay the nearby parrot ten walnuts.

Doing this will unlock the option to free Professor Snail and donate to the island collection.

Unlock Facilities

Island Farm Upgrades – 25 Golden Walnuts

One of the biggest draws to the island is the new farm, which can grow any crop at any time of the year. Once the turtle is moved, players can access the farm for planting, but the farmhouse will be in disrepair. To completely renovate the farm, there are three parrots that will need to be paid:

  • Farmhouse Repair – 20 Golden Walnuts
  • Mailbox Repair – 5 Golden Walnuts
  • Island Warp Tower – 20 Golden Walnuts

The farmhouse is slightly smaller than the regular farmhouse but can be fully customized with wallpaper and decorations. The farmhouse will come with a kitchen and four beds, allowing the player to immediately begin sleeping on the island The mailbox will receive all current and future mail that is sent to the player. The warp tower can be used to instantly warp to the original farm at any time of the day.

Trading Hut – 10 Golden Walnuts

The Trading Hut can be built at the beginning of the path to the volcano dungeon on the northern part of the island. A parrot sitting next to the wall where it’s built will request 10 golden walnuts from the player.

This is an important facility to unlock as it carries island only items and the seeds for the tropical crops. It’s important to note that the player will need to unlock the farmhouse before having the option to build this store.

Resort – 20 Golden Walnuts

The resort is one of the last facilities that the player will be able to unlock. It will allow the NPCs to visit the island to relax and will allow the player to access a small section of the back connected to the resort area.

This small beach will have both the mermaid and pirates visit during the week, which is the biggest perk to paying 20 golden walnuts it costs to fix the resort.

Unlock Quick Routes

Volcano Shortcuts – 10 Golden Walnuts

There are two different parrots that can be given walnuts in the volcano dungeon:

  • Bridge – 5 Golden Walnuts
  • Quick Escape – 5 Golden Walnuts

The first can be found near the entrance and will build a bridge so that the player can enter the dungeon without using their watering can. The second can be found in the Dwarf shop on floor five and will provide the player with a hole in the floor that allows them to quickly exit the dungeon.

Parrot Express – 10 Golden Walnuts

Around the island, there are small wooden huts that the player can step into. One of these structures is above the island farm, where a parrot requesting 10 golden walnuts will be perched. Paying him will unlock the island’s fast travel system.

The system will allow the player to travel between the huts instantly, making time traveling between the farm, volcano dungeon, dock, and dig site much shorter.

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