Star Wars: Project Maverick reveal happening next week suggest rumours

EA’s mysterious Star Wars: Project Maverick, has been rumoured for a while, and new rumblings suggest it will be announced very soon.

There have been rumours of EA working on a smaller Star Wars title for a few months now, with something called Project Maverick being discovered on the PlayStation Network a couple of months ago.

Now, there are rumblings across Twitter that, whatever it is, it could be announced very soon.

Bloomberg writer Jason Schrier, who previously described the game as a smaller and more unusual title from Canada-based EA Motive, retweeted a seemingly innocuous Tweet from the newly formed EA Motive account, suggesting that it was gearing up to announce a new game.

VentureBeat writer Jeff Grubb also responded to the EA Motive Tweet with a GIF from the upcoming Tom Cruise movie Top Gun: Maverick and then updated his schedule with ‘Mel Gibson movie’ on 2 June, referring to the movie Maverick which starred the aforementioned actor.

His actions only seem to further cement that EA Motive is preparing to unveil its Star Wars game and that it will be doing so on Tuesday.

That also happens to be the day after Sony is rumoured to be unveiling the PlayStation 5 and while two rumours don’t make a truth, it’s worth noting that so far references to Project Maverick have only been found on PSN.

Some believe that the Star Destroyer is actually the Sith Star Destroyer from the most recent movie, The Rise Of Skywalker, but it doesn’t seem to have the superlaser at the bottom. If it does, then it’s covered by the logo.

Regardless, it’s very likely that we’ll see some sort of announcement about it in June.

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