Star Wars: John Boyega Shoots Down Theory About Rey in Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker roared into theaters this weekend with a big box office take, leaving a somewhat polarized fanbase in its wake. Still, while many questions from the Rise of Skywalker still remain, one big one just got answered.Obviously, spoilers for Rise of Skywalker follow…31 Celebrity Cameos in the Star Wars Sequel TrilogyJohn Boyega has confirmed that Finn wasn't trying to confess his love for Rey in the Rise of Skywalker on Twitter:
As previously reported, at an Academy screening of the film, director J.J. Abrams told those in attendance what Finn's special message for Rey was.Over the past few days, Finn's mystery message, which he didn't want to reveal in front of Poe, has been the topic of friendly debate. Did he want to confess romantic feelings for Rey? Did he want to share that he had a gluten allergy? What was the deal?Check out what @ar1aster reported on Twitter:
There you have it: In The Rise of Skywalker, Finn wanted to tell Rey that he was Force-sensitive too. Finn being Force-sensitive was something that played out on several occasions during the film, when Finn would somehow know, and feel, that Rey was in danger. Apparently, this is what he wanted to tell Rey, away from Poe's prying ears.For those who were hoping Finn might confess his love for a different member of the trilogy's core trio, see what Oscar Isaac had to say about Finn and Poe's (br)omance in the video below:LoadingCan't get enough Rise of Skywalker? Check out all the cameos in the sequel trilogy, along with our review of Episode IX, and a gentle tribute to Babu Frik.Plus, find out how much of Rise of Skywalker was J.J. Abrams' plan since The Force Awakens in the video below:Loading

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