Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Gameplay Debuted At The Game Awards, March Release Date Confirmed

After almost a year of being one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming, EA has debuted gameplay for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at The Game Awards 2022, including confirming a release date of March 17.

EA hasn't been shy about Jedi: Survivor making an appearance at The Game Awards, confirming a few days before today's event that it would be there by debuting a new piece of key art that reveals a new look for Cal. We also got a brief tease of the gameplay trailer we received at the event today in some social media posts.

The trailer showcased Cal fighting several new types of enemies, as well as exploring planets by using a glider and riding on an animal. We also see Cal fighting alongside a character that fights alongside him during combat.

We also saw confirmation that Cal can use two lightsabers at once, as well as the returning dual-sided lightsaber from the first game. Although Cal is seen with a blaster by his side, we don't actually see him using it in the trailer.

As we mentioned above, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been an incredibly poorly-kept secret for some time now. Respawn initially made it clear it had plans for a sequel back when Fallen Order first launched, and then rumours popped up earlier this year suggesting the game would be released in time for Christmas.

Further rumours then revealed that it had been quietly delayed into the start of 2023, which was supported by EA's financial reports. To make the whole thing worse, when Respawn seemed prime to give the first look at Jedi Survivor just a few days ago, a Steam listing revealed both its release date and some previously unknown gameplay details like new lightsaber styles for Cal.

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