Star Wars Jedi Fans Discuss What Survivor Needs To Improve

Fans of the popular Star Wars Jedi franchise have been discussing what the upcoming Survivor needs to improve upon its predecessor, Fall Order. The conversation has mostly been taking place on Reddit, but several other social media platforms have been drawing players into the great debate, Twitter in particular.

“What are some criticisms of Fallen Order that you'd like to see addressed in Survivor,” the original poster on Reddit going by the name of Socialecontheory asked, provoking all kinds of different responses. These have mostly been about bugs and glitches, but some fairly substantial ideas have nonetheless entered the conversation.

“I'd like mind tricks to be available (confuse enemies and animals to avoid fighting sometimes). Jedi aren't supposed to just go around killing everything,” the user known as Profx72 for example explained. “Also something akin to the Focus in the Horizon series to have the Force guide you to find the things you need to find. ‘Persistence reveals the path,’ but a Jedi should be mindful of the living Force, too.”

“I’ve been hoping for a Dishonored option where you can hundred percent go through the majority of the game by being peaceful and thoughtful and avoiding conflict,” the user going by the name of Pickle_Nipplesss added to the still ongoing conversation. “I’d even like it to be unannounced so that people by force of habit kill enemies, but then realize they never had to.”

Some of the ideas have been on the purely practical side, fast travel being a pretty common suggestion. “Hated the backtracking to the ship when you finished an area or beat a boss,” the user called Tlo4sheelo pointed out. “I know it’s not the same type of game, but maybe I’m just conditioned from Zelda games that you finish a dungeon and then you’re warped outside. I wouldn’t be opposed to beating a boss and ‘oh, now you’re at your ship’ or at least given the option.”

What else comes out of the conversation remains to be seen, but so far at least, the great debate has been every bit as interesting as informative, touching on all sorts of different bases.

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