Star Wars: 10 Planets That Would Make For A Perfect Open-World Setting

With the production of Ubisoft’s open-world Star Wars game being recently announced, there’s a lot to ask of what they’re going to do with the franchise. This studio is plenty known for its open-world formula with series like Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs, but a series known for planet-hopping makes people wonder how well they’ll stick to a singular map.

That said, there are tons of planets in the Star Wars universe that would be absolutely prime for an entire game, with some featuring great diverse biomes and spectacular cityscapes. If we end up locked into just a small few planets with this title, there are a few planets that would be especially fun to spend an entire game on.

10 Coruscant

The original home of the Republic, Jedi Counsel, and the prequel trilogy, Coruscant is a remarkable world with tons of environments explored through various movies and TV shows. The entire planet is a massive city, with extravagant architecture in the upper levels and some gloomy neon slums in the lower levels.

Having an entire Star Wars game placed here would give it a huge vibe of cyberpunk, a genre that’s more popular than ever lately. More than that, the planet is incredibly diverse thanks to its high population and political dynamics, making it prime for every part of Star Wars in a single modern space.

9 Endor

On the more natural side we have Endor, the forest planet from Return Of The Jedi and home to the Ewok race. This has hardly been the most popular planet in Star Wars history, but the idea of a lush forest filled with Imperial bases and a native animal race sounds right on-par for a Ubisoft open-world game.

This sort of planet easily lends itself to a Far Cry style game with crafting, hunting wild animals, and towers to climb in order to reveal the larger map. It’d be quite traditional and standard, but absolutely a slam dunk if Ubisoft wishes to go for something fairly simple.

8 Kashyyyk

If they instead wanted to go with a slightly more complicated natural route, though, it’s easy to imagine Kashyyyk being a great alternative. This is much more of a tropical planet of deep forests and beaches, home to the Wookie race and a place of several major battles in Clone Wars lore.

Unlike the earlier planets on this list, setting a game on Kashyyyk would also give a great experience on a planet that Star Wars has hardly used in its other media. There’s some scenes with Yoda on the planet during Revenge of the Sith and it appears as a map in the original Battlefront game, but getting to explore more of the world is something that could easily be quite entertaining.

7 Kef Bir

Another place with great potential but hardly any appearances is Kef Bir, a moon from Rise of the Skywalker where the ruins of the Death Star are found. This planet is much more open, featuring massive fields and oceans growing over the collapsed metal of Imperial technology.

This planet has hardly been used as anything but a crash site, and it would be excellent to see what this planet was like before, during, and after the fall of the Death Star. Since it’s also another moon of Endor, it could easily fit in with other planets for a small selection of maps in close proximity to each other.

6 Alderaan

On a more classic end of Star Wars is Alderaan, the home of Princess Leia and the first true target of the Death Star. Setting a game here has a wonderful narrative tool as its demise is imminent, making your exploration and action in this space either an urgent mission or a doomed effort.

This would also make for a great planet to play various characters. Most planets are set up in a way that it makes more sense to play for the good guys, but being either an Empire soldier or independent criminal could give a great new experience to serious Star Wars fans.

5 Kijimi

There’s one more planet from Rise of the Skywalker that’s worth a mention as a great open-world option, and that’s the occupied world of Kijimi. This planet is where Poe Dameron has his criminal roots and relationships, and it’s clearly a place that the First Order wants harsh control on for various financial and political reasons.

This makes it a stellar option for a new game, as liberating an occupied area is exactly what Ubisoft is most comfortable with when experimenting with new franchises in their formula. It also has a perfect blend of frozen wastelands and cityscapes, making it wonderfully diverse compared to other potential city-centric planets planets.

4 Mandalore

It’s hard to talk about Star Wars without mentioning The Mandalorian, which is undoubtedly one of the most attention-grabbing pieces of Star Wars media at the moment. This series has had tons of planets shown off for its one-off episodes, but there’s one connected to the root of its protagonist that can’t be disregarded.

This would be Mandalore, the ruined home planet of the Mandalorian race. There’s little official Star Wars media that has used it as a proper setting, and getting to have a game take place there could shed a huge light for many Star Wars fans on what the planet was like before the Empire’s invasion, as well as giving us a new Mandalorian character to experience it as.

3 Nevarro


Speaking of The Mandalorian, there’s one recurring planet that might also be a wonderful place for Star Wars fans to visit and spend some time on in a video game, and that would be Nevarro. Unlike most desert planets, this one has a large variety of both big cities and diverse populations, making it much fuller than many mono-planet settings might be.

This is another planet that also has tons of wildlife, as its desert biome comes with its own variety of canyons and volcanoes. It may not be as deep as the jungle planets mentioned earlier, but it’d be an extremely different flavor of open-world for Ubisoft and an incredibly memorable environment unlike many other games.

2 Tatooine

The big problem with Nevarro is that, unfortunately, it’s bound to be compared to the other most popular desert in the Star Wars universe. Tatooine has been a constant recurring area for all sorts of Star Wars media, and thanks to its iconic deserts and nostalgic fame, it’s hard to imagine a Star Wars game without it.

Tatooine also makes a great space for a game thanks to its unique culture. It’s home to tons of races, Imperial occupation, and a deep world of crime, but it even has a unique city life that includes food and gambling through things like podracing. Much like Coruscant, it’d be able to give an example of a planet where people really are spending their time and lives.

1 Naboo

For all the negative things people say about the prequels, it’s impossible to deny that Naboo is one of the most fascinating planets in all of the Star Wars canon. This planet has an absolutely unique mix from massive cities, to sprawling forests, to beautiful lakes and beaches, to even an underwater city populated by Gungans.

This would make the planet a prime game to set in the Clone Wars era, but even better would be to jump into the future and see what Naboo is like after and during the age of the Empire. It’s a great world that comes close enough to Earth while still being wonderfully unique and iconic, and could make for an incredibly deep and recognizable environment for any kind of Star Wars game.

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