Square Enix trademarks Ever Crisis again – what does it mean for Final Fantasy?

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Earlier this month Square Enix piqued the attention of Final Fantasy fans – and especially those that love FF7 – when the Shinjuku-based JRPG masters trademarked the term Ever Crisis. This trademark was filed on December 17 in Japan along with the phrase The First Soldier, with the Shinra Electric Power Company logo getting trademarked a few days afterwards. These filings were made public earlier this month with Gematsu breaking the news.

And after these filings in Japan Square Enix are back at it, this time trademarking Ever Crisis once again.

Ever Crisis was trademarked on January 18 in Canada with another filing in Europe on January 19.

Square Enix also trademarked the Shina logo at the same time in Europe.

But what does this actually mean for the Final Fantasy series? Well, there are a few possibilities – and we’ll touch on the most exciting one first.

If you’re a long-time Final Fantasy fan thinking of Ever Crisis will probably make you think of another game – Crisis Core.

This is a beloved Final Fantasy 7 spin-off that appeared on the PSP back in 2007 and is part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

This FF7 metaseries was announced back in 2003 when the Tetsuya Nomura-directed CGI movie Advent Children was revealed.

The next entry in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series is mobile game Before Crisis, followed by Crisis Core and then the 2006 PS2 game Dirge of Cerberus.

As you can see, each entry in this FF7 metaseries has a naming convention which goes in alphabetical order.

When abbreviated the games in the Compilation series go AC, BC, CC and DC.

Ever Crisis would follow this format, with the game’s title abbreviated to EC – while the phrase Crisis immediately harkens back to Crisis Core.

So, Ever Crisis may end up being a new spin-off game set in the Final Fantasy 7 world.

Alternatively, it could end up being the subtitle for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake if the game ever comes to other formats.

Likewise, the trademark of The First Soldier could also hint at a yet-to-be announced Final Fantasy 7 spin-off, or maybe it’s the subtitle for the second part of the FF7 Remake project.

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If it’s the former, then The First Soldier seems to be a clear reference to Sephiroth, the iconic villain of Final Fantasy 7.

A spin-off title solely about the sinister One-Winged Angel would definitely be interesting, and something that Square Enix hasn’t tried before.

It remains to be seen when Square Enix could confirm what Ever Crisis and The First Soldier means for the Final Fantasy franchise.

But hopefully fans won’t be waiting too long. Twitter user @PhantomArtifice highlighted that recent trademarks have been followed fairly swiftly be announcements so fingers crossed we could be getting some news soon.

The Twitter account posted: “Recent Square Enix trademarks have been quickly followed by an announcement, so wondering if we’ll see a similar situation with ‘Ever Crisis’, which has been recently trademarked in Japan, Europe, and Canada. Announcement really could be right around the corner.”

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