Square Enix Showcase E3 2021: Guardians Of The Galaxy, Babylon’s Fall, And Final Fantasy Origin

As day two of E3 2021 proceeds, Square Enix hosted its presentation revealing another massive IP collaboration with Marvel, while bringing some of its more familiar franchises along to boot.  Square Enix Presents was home to nearly 40 minutes of new titles from the company, debuting some we hadn’t seen yet, while reminding us of others just on the horizon.

Today, we saw a new Marvel title from Eidos debut as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, while Square Enix offered up a collection of classics for Legend of Mana and the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series. Marvel’s Avengers also saw a new expansion pack update, while Life is Strange debuted new footage for its original remaster and upcoming True Colors. We also saw a new trailer for Babylon’s Fall, and a reveal for Final Fantasy Origin from Ninja Theory..

Guardians of The Galaxy

If you’re itching for more Marvel, Eidos will once again revisit the franchise with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This showcase marked Square’s debut for the game, showing off a trailer and plenty of developer commentary. Right now, it looks like an action RPG with a single-player focus, so it won’t revisit the service game format, like Marvel’s Avengers. It’s out soon, like really soon. You’ll be able to pick it up on October 26, and learn a little more about it in our full write-up.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Old, but not forgotten. Square Enix is launching a new series of remasters for its classics, Final Fantasy titles 1-6. You’ll be able to buy these for mobile and PC, we just don’t know when since Square’s only comment on the date was “soon”. There’s no word on what versions will be included, but we’re crossing our fingers it’s Final Fantasy 6 at least won’t have bizarre, smoothed-out sprites.

Legend of Mana

The Legend of Mana is also getting a remaster, and that one is coming up soon on June 24. Its fantastical anime-style looks just as beautiful as you remember it, so our fingers are crossed that this is one that will do the classic justice.

Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther

This was Square’s first look at the Avengers expansion, showing off the War for Wakanda expansion pack. In the trailer, we saw King T’Challa himself, along with Klaw and Shuri. Unfortunately, there’s still no release date just yet on when you’ll be able to explore as the heroes from Wakanda.

Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

Square Enix didn’t forget its growing mobile library, and while we saw a few videos that were old news, we did see the debut of Hitman Sniper: The Shadows. You may have heard of this one previously as Project Hitman Sniper Assasins, but it’s dropped that name – and Agent 47. It looks like the agent you’re accustomed to isn’t in this one, but you’ll roll with a new group known as The Shadows.

Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall has been a bit of an enigma these last few years. We first of the game back in 2018, but back then it was just a few slides of concept art and a logo. Today, we saw a trailer from the PlatinumGames project that does look quite different from the trailer we once saw at Sony’s State of Play. In a bit of a surprising twist, we also learned it’s a live-service title.

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection

Our peek at Life is Strange may have already been confirmed through leaks, but we did finally see the official debut of its new E3 trailer and confirm that September 30 release date. The trailer looks like a brilliantly scaled-up version of Life is Strange and its tragic prequel, Before the Storm. Chloe, Rachel, and Max have never looked so good.

Life is Strange: True Colors

True Colors is another that we already knew was on the way, but we did get a new trailer revealing protagonist Alex’s fantastical set of powers. In True Colors, you’ll unlock new dialogue trees through our protagonist’s ability to use telepathic empathy – she can see emotions through colorful auras. Instead of discovering the skill as part of the plot, we see that Alex has lived with this ability for some time.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Alongside Guardians, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was one of Square’s biggest surprises for the night – kind of. Earlier, we heard murmurs and rumors about the upcoming Ninja Theory collaboration, but it wasn’t until tonight it was finally confirmed. It’s a bit of a bizarre choice in character design for the fantastical setting, but Final Fantasy Origin does share some likenesses with its source material, like references to Chaos, Garland, and the Warriors of Light.


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