Square Enix Finally Tells Us What "Data Greeting" Is In Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix has finally told us what the heck “Data Greeting” mode is in Kingdom Hearts III’s upcoming Re Mind DLC.

About a month ago, we found out a few features that were coming in Re Mind, the new Kingdom Hearts III DLC. Obviously, there would be a new addition to the campaign, as well as two episodes called Limit and Secret, but there were also a few new game modes that were labeled but not really explained.

One of those game modes was called “Greeting Mode,” which is now being called “Data Greeting.” What it is actually is an extensive photo mode that you can use to make your own digital greeting cards.

To be clear, this is not just an expansion of the Sora Selfie function that already existed in Kingdom Hearts III. Well, it sort of is–you can still have Sora take a selfie in Data Greeting if you really want. But the real selling point here is that you can now create your own custom scenes and then take a screenshot using this mode.

First, you select your characters. You can place up to 25 characters and you’ll have most of the game’s cast to choose from, so go nuts. After you place the characters, you can change their expressions and pose them as you see fit. There are no points given in this mode, but we’d like to imagine that you get bonus points for humorous poses.

Next, choose your scene. We don’t know how many scenes will be available, but you gotta think that all the levels will be represented in some capacity. You can also place objects in the scene (up to 25), including Meow Wow, Tama Sheep, and pancakes. Because pancakes.

Finally, use a number of lighting, screen, and filter effects to make your greeting card memorable. Then place your virtual camera to get the best angle and snap your perfect scene.

Will this create yet another meme-worthy player experience? You bet your sweet Nobody it will.

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