Square Enix Cancels Final Fantasy Event Due To Coronavirus

Square Enix has announced that it will be canceling a Final Fantasy VII Remake themed event in Japan over concerns with the recent coronavirus epidemic. Originally scheduled for this weekend in Tokyo on the Yamanote train line, fans would have participated in an hour-long scavenger hunt for the chance to win some Final Fantasy-themed swag. Considering the close nature of the train, it probably wouldn’t be the wisest venue for an event with an airborne virus going around.

This is the latest in a string of cancelations and delays being caused by the virus. Earlier today, Sony announced it would be pulling out of PAX East over concerns with the virus. Late last month, officials in Taipei, Taiwan delayed the Taipai Game Show for the same reason. Nintendo also recently noted that there will be shortages of Switch units internationally due to similar concerns.

More important than anything is people’s safety. There aren’t a lot of international cases of coronavirus, but Square Enix is simply exercising caution so that no one will get hurt. It would be a real bummer for a fan to attend an event for their favorite game series only to come home with a big case of death.

Sony was set to hold the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo at PAX East, but that has changed. Square Enix hasn’t confirmed if it will be hosting its booth during the show or not. With the company having a western presence and office, there doesn’t seem to be much reason why it would cancel its attendance in Boston.

This is still a bummer for anyone that was excited to go. Being canceled only a few days before the event is always a pain. The event, itself, sounds like it would have been pretty cool. I imagine it was situated around Cloud, Barret, and Tifa escaping from Shinra after bombing one of the reactors. Maybe I’m getting a little too creative.

With only a few short months to go, the lack of presence at shows probably won’t do much to diminish interest in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Fans have wanted this for over a decade and they’re bound to grab it regardless of any promotion.

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