Sports Story Player Finds Hidden Room That Hints At Troubled Development

Sports Story was shadowdropped onto the Nintendo Switch store not too long ago, and ever since players have been reporting game breaking glitches and bugs. Developer Sidebar Games has already issued a statement explaining that these will be ironed out in a future patch, but a secret room that has been discovered in-game may have given us the reason behind the game's state at the moment.

Sports Story features several places in which players can get out of bounds, and a Twitter user called tendog has been documenting all of the ways you can do so. What they didn't expect to find is a secret room that only seems to be accessible by clipping out of bounds, in which you'll encounter a team of developers called Cold Cartridge working on a game called GALF.

Developers inserting themselves into games is nothing new, Game Freak did it constantly throughout the Pokemon series. It's the comments from these developers that are causing concern though, as the person that greets the player explains the the team is going through a "troubled development." Another person in the room claims that someone "kept requesting new features" and that the "original vision no longer exists." Other developers in the room also complain about broken menus and being forced to work on additional features.

Couple all of this with Sports Story's sudden release, prior statements that the game "unexpectedly grew quite large" during development, and rough state at the moment, you have to conclude that things may not be as they appear at Sidebar Games. At the very least, this secret room implies that Sports Story was severely affected by feature creep, a phrase that describes excessive additions of new features throughout development.

Sidebar Games or any individual Sports Story developer has yet to respond to the secret room reveal, and it's unknown as to whether this room was actually known about by higher ups before the game launched. We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

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