Splinter Cell VR Might See The Return Of Popular Spies Vs Mercs Multiplayer Mode

Ubisoft has several job openings for its upcoming Splinter Cell VR game, but one of them is of particular interest. The listing for a Network Programmer seeks an individual who will be “responsible for developing multiplayer core features and game services.” Does this mean the beloved Spies vs Mercs game mode is making a long-awaited return?

Fans certainly think so. Spies vs Mercs has been the only multiplayer mode available throughout the series’ history – we’re not going to talk about Conviction – so it makes sense to see it return in Splinter Cell VR.

All of this is just speculation. Not only has Ubisoft not announced Spies vs Mercs, but it’s yet to say anything about multiplayer at all. Still, with multiple job listings calling for people with experience “developing multiplayer core features and game services,” it seems like a good bet to make.

Spies vs Mercs is the classic Splinter Cell take on competitive multiplayer. One team – the Spies – take control of characters that handle much like Sam Fisher. They view the world from a third-person perspective, don’t have very powerful weapons, and rely on stealth and quick reactions to land a kill or hack their objective.

The other team – the Mercenaries – take control of powerful soldiers controlled from a first-person perspective. They’re much less agile than the Spies, but make up for it with advanced firepower and several unique detection systems. The game mode has seen several tweaks over the years, but playing it in VR would be something entirely new.

Until Ubisoft coughs up a bit more information, there’s really not much else to discuss. Multiplayer is likely to return in Splinter Cell VR, although we’re not sure what form it will take. Based on the series’ history, however, Spies vs Mercs is the safest bet to make if multiplayer does make an appearance. Let’s hope some concrete info is revealed in the coming months now that the cat’s out of the bag with the recent job listings.

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