Spider-Man: Miles Morales Actor Provides Sneak Peek Of PS5 Adventure

Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ motion capture actor has shared a brief behind-the-scenes glimpse at the motion capture process for the upcoming PlayStation 5 game, which will feature the young hero following in the footsteps of 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man. “To become a character so impactful means the world to me,” tweeted Nadji Jeter.

“The story of Miles is what this generation & the next need! I just thank the heavens above for blessing me with the opportunity & responsibility to bring him to Life!! “

In the images, Jeter can be seen donning a motion capture suit, with dozens of extra markers applied to his face so that every nuance of his acting can be captured by developer Insomniac Games. Due for release at the end of the year, Spider-Man: Miles Morales will feature both a quality and a performance mode, with the latter allowing players to web-sling across New York City at a a stable 60 fps at 4K resolution.

While Spider-Man: Miles Morales won’t be a fully-fledged sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man, it will feature a new campaign starring Peter Parker’s protege as he defends Manhattan in an adventure that is comparable to previous PlayStation 4 standalone games such as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

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