Spellbreak’s Chapter 1 Update Now Live, Adds 72 New Quests

Proletariat has finally rolled out Chapter 1 in Spellbreak after months of teasing the new content. The first major expansion for the free-to-play battle royale introduces 72 new story and honor quests, 50 levels of rewards, and a lengthy narrative to fill in the Hollow Lands’ backstory.

Throughout the chapter, you’ll meet NPCs that will help you discover more about the history of Spellbreak and the world around you. Story quests make up the bulk of the narrative – and will be free to all players – while honor quests require a Chapter Pass. Proletariat is packing a lot of content into the Chapter Pass, and you can even buy the premium Pass with in-game gold if you don’t want to open your wallet.

Chapter 1 is bringing changes to the Daily Quest system as well. Starting today, Daily Quests are tiered in terms of rarity, rewarding between 5 and 20 gold depending on the difficulty. Several new Daily Quests have also been added, providing you with more variety during each match.

Beyond all the new quests, dozens of gameplay tweaks were made. Gauntlets have been reworked to improve balance, Clash matches have seen a few bug fixes, and several locations on the map have been overhauled – including Deadmoss and Sawtooth Mountain.

Spellbreak got off to a strong start when it launched earlier this year, with our review finding it to be an excellent game that needed just a bit more polish to be something truly special. It’s facing stiff competition with other battle royales – including the always-popular Fortnite – but Spellbreak’s magic-slinging action is unlike most others in the genre. Proletariat just released the game on Steam – previously only available through the Epic Game Store – and we’re curious to see if the new platform will drive an increase in users.

Spellbreak’s Chapter 1 Update is now available on all platforms. Story quests will be available for free, while you’ll need to pick up a Chapter Pass if you’re hoping to access the honor quests and added content.

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