Spellbreak: The Complete Guide

Spellbreak can be a confusing game for new players. Elemental combinations, various Classes to chose from, and an in-depth Rune system means there’s a lot to master if you’re hoping to be the last one standing on the battlefield. If you need a bit of help, we’ve put together an extensive collection of guides to help you find your magical groove.

Spellbreak Class Guides

There are six distinct classes to choose from in Spellbreak. You’re choice will determine your starting Gauntlet, along with the passive skills you’ll earn throughout the match. Some are easier to use than others, but you’ll definitely want to check out all six within your first few hours of playing.

  • Stoneshaper Guide
  • Pyromancer Guide
  • Frostborn Guide
  • Toxicologist Guide
  • Conduit Guide
  • Tempest Guide

Spellbreak Beginner Guides

If you’re just getting started with Spellbreak, be sure to check out our two dedicated beginner guides. These will go over the basics of the magical battle royale and even give you a few pointers on which classes to pick.

  • Spellbreak: Best Class And Gauntlet For Beginners
  • Spellbreak: Beginner Tips To Dominate

Spellbreak Game Modes

Right now, there are only a few game modes avilable in Spellbreak, but many more are planned for the future. Check out our extensive overview of each game mode, and which ones are worthy of your time:

  • Spellbreak Game Modes – What’s Worth Playing?

Runes And Talents

Two of the more complex aspects of Spellbreak are Runes and Talents. New players often overlook these useful additions to their lineup, but great players know how to use both to their advantage. These guides will walk you through the intracicies of both systems and discuss which selections are best for your playstyle.

  • Spellbreak: Best Talents For Mind, Body, And Spirit
  • Spellbreak: Best And Worst Runes In The Game

Spellbreak Review

If you’re on the fence about the game, be sure to read our full review. While it’s a bit rough around the edges as a brand-new release, the core mechanics are second-to-none, and Proletariat has a lot of great content planned for the future.

  • Spellbreak Review: Magical Madness

Spellbreak is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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