Speedrunner Beats Super Mario Odyssey In 57 Minutes

Speedrunning has been a widely discussed topic recently as Elden Ring players have managed to chip away at the record run so much, it now sits at less than six minutes. Even though Super Mario Odyssey has been on the market five years longer than the latest Souls game, its speedrun record is far longer, but still incredibly impressive. In fact, it became a little more impressive this week as Odyssey's Any% record was broken for the first time in a while.

The new record belongs to the same person as the old one. A speedrunner who goes by Tyron18 and hails from Italy, which is pretty fitting. Below, you can see Tyron beating Super Mario Odyssey in 57 minutes and nine seconds. The first time the game has ever been beaten in less than 57 minutes and 10 seconds, bettering Tyron's previous best time by a full 11 seconds.

Despite setting a new record, Tyron still believes Odyssey can be beaten in under 57 minutes. As they highlight in the video's description, that goal is now less than ten seconds away. When setting their previous record, Tyron pointed out there was a moment in the game where they lost 30 seconds. That means a perfect run could technically limbo under the 57-minute mark pretty comfortably. A perfect run of a game over the course of almost an entire hour is easier said than done, though.

The Any% stipulation means just the game's main story has been completed. It also means any glitches still present in the game can be taken advantage of. There are some neat little quirks on show in the attempt that are used to shave precious seconds off the final time. Tyron having the text display in Japanese instead of English, or Italian, for example. The Japanese text appears on the screen faster than the English equivalent, making the run slightly faster when used.

There's also a good reason why Tyron alters the time before officially beginning their run. This is to trick the Switch into thinking it's daylight savings time resulting in the console's clock jumping forward an hour at just the right moment. That makes a flower in the sand kingdom grow instantly rather than having to wait for it to happen over time. Key for anyone who hopes to every post a sub 57 minute time.

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