Sora Finally Ditches The Mickey Mouse Shoes In Kingdom Hearts 4

The reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 revealed some big news – Sora no longer wears his iconic clown shoes.

During the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event, Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently in development and revealed its first trailer. The trailer showed gameplay of Sora in Quadratum, where he looks noticeably different from how he did in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Not only is his hair flatter, but his outfit has been updated once again to look a little more realistic, matching the look of Quadratum itself. In the process of modernizing Sora, he's had one key part of his identity removed – his clown shoes.

That's right, one of Sora's long-standing trademarks has been changed completely. Sora's new shoes are shown in the gameplay section of the trailer while he's fighting the large Darkside-esque Heartless. Although they have a similar colour and pattern to how they looked in Kingdom Hearts 3, they've changed shape completely to resemble what basically look like Vans. They're also noticeably less yellow.

The change to Sora's shoes quickly became a focal point for the Kingdom Hearts community after the trailer was released, with many fans lamenting the loss of the clown shoes and filling Twitter with comments like, "Sora finally got the right shoe size. I guess living in reality worked out", and "RIP Clown shoes 2002-2022".

Some fans are also speculating that Sora's new look is simply to fit his appearance in Quadratum, similarly to how magic has given him, Donald, and Goofy different looks in the past. The clown shoes may return once more.

Non-Kingdom Hearts fans are probably rolling their eyes at the reactions to a character getting a redesign, but it's worth noting that across 20 years and a ton of games, Sora has always retained the same shoes. Even when his outfit was updated to be a bit more realistic and sporty in Kingdom Hearts 3, his shoes remained the same, so it's quite the departure for the character. It's also just pretty funny to think about.

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