Sony Tweets Then Deletes Bloodborne Teaser Image, Leaves Community Reeling

When it comes to fanbases you don't want to rile up, the Bloodborne community is probably right up there. Due to Sony's baffling reluctance to revisit or port one of its best exclusives, Bloodborne fans have begged for the game to be rescued from its 30fps prison on PS4. It also doesn't help that it's the only FromSoftware title that doesn't run at 60fps on modern consoles and there's no sign that the game will be getting a Steam release despite practically every other PlayStation exclusive getting one at the moment.

That's why Sony probably should have been a bit more careful rattling that particular cage, as it probably regrets tweeting out a cheeky little teaser image of Bloodborne earlier today. The official Sony Twitter account recently tweeted a very blurry close-up of the Bloodborne box art and asked people to guess which game they were showing. After the Bloodborne community very swiftly deduced that the image was the hat of a Hunter, they descended upon the tweet, forcing Sony to delete it as its jokey Halloween post very quickly got out of hand.

Despite clearly being an engagement post for the festive season – as Bloodborne is probably the spookiest PlayStation exclusive it has at the moment – some fans took it as a sign that Bloodborne is making a comeback, racking up thousands of likes and retweets within half an hour and making the game trend yet again. Granted, it's the first time in a good long while that Sony or PlayStation has even acknowledged the title, but if PlayStation was to announce a Bloodborne remaster, it probably wouldn't be via a teaser image released by the main Sony account on a random Thursday.

It's been a particularly difficult year for Bloodborne fans so far this year, as they've watched pretty much every other PlayStation exclusive out there get much more love and attention than FromSoftware's masterpiece. Titles like Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, Days Gone, and even Sackboy: A Big Adventure have been getting Steam ports while Horizon Zero Dawn – a title released a year after Bloodborne – is rumored to be getting remastered.

It's not like a Bloodborne remaster would be a financial gamble either, as there's clearly an audience out there begging for the game to be upgraded, while the success of Elden Ring has proved that FromSoftware's titles will sell millions of copies if marketed correctly. It stings even more when you consider an older exclusive, The Last of Us, is now on its second remaster. In an age where Sony and PlayStation seem to be revisiting their past titles more than ever, it just doesn't make sense that Bloodborne is still trapped on the PS4.

At least Sony has acknowledged Bloodborne exists, which is probably enough for most fans to keep them going until the next PlayStation Showcase rolls around and our hearts are broken yet again.

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