Sony reveal more Avengers exclusives beyond just Spider-Man as fans vent anger

Spider-Man isn’t the only thing that’s exclusive to the PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers as Sony announce more exclusive features.

As much as first party exclusives are lauded as a showcase for their respective consoles nobody likes it when companies sign up exclusive deals for multiformat games, like the one that made Spider-Man exclusive to the PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers.

But it turns out that Spidey is not the only part of the game that’s only on PlayStation 4 and 5, to the point where you wonder why Sony didn’t just sign up the whole game as an exclusive.

A new blog post by developer Crystal Dynamics reveals that many cosmetic outfits for characters will also be timed exclusives and there’ll also be special in-game events and rewards only for the PlayStation versions.

PlayStation owners will have 30-day exclusive access to a legendary outfit, legendary emote, epic takedown, and nameplate for each superhero, including the starter ones and each new character as they’re added as DLC.

As if that’s not enough, some Community Challenges – public events that all players collaborate on to beat – will also be exclusive to PlayStation.

And then finally you’ve got special PlayStation Plus extras for subscribers that includes a rare outfit, nameplate, and free credit every time there’s a new hero added – plus a special Ms. Marvel one on launch day.

There’s no indication of if or when this exclusivity deal might end, with the implication that it’ll carry on for the lifetime of the game.

All of this is in addition to early access to the beta last weekend, which we got to play and we’ll have a report on this afternoon.

Although some PlayStation owners will no doubt be happy to be getting all these free extras, these kind of deals, where companies cut parts out of a game just to make them exclusive, are rarely popular as players know that another game could just as easily announce a similar deal with the console they don’t own.

In recent years, the concept seemed to fade out of fashion and few will be excited to see it return, as you can see from some of these tweets about the initial Spider-Man announcement.

Marvel’s Avengers will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on 4 September. There’ll also be Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions at a later date, with a free upgrade if you bought the respective current gen version.

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