Sony misses PS5 sales goal by 3 million consoles

The PS5 has shipped almost 20 million consoles since launch but it’s falling behind Sony’s targets because of a lack of stock.

Despite launching in the middle of a pandemic the PlayStation 5 has now shipped (but not necessarily sold) 19.3 million consoles worldwide, but Sony isn’t as happy with that figure as you’d imagine.

It only shipped 2 million consoles during the last three months, for a total of 11.5 million in the financial year ended March 31, and that’s 3.3 million off its original target.

That’s not because people don’t want a PlayStation 5 but because Sony can’t make them quick enough to meet demand, with supply chain issues still causing problems.

Sony had already warned investors that this might happen, so it’s not a surprise, but it does make it clear that manufacturing and stock issues are still a major problem and unlikely to be anything close to normal for at least a year.

Microsoft has refused to release any sales figures for its consoles since the Xbox One era, but unofficial estimates give the Xbox Series X and S a lifetime total of around 14 million.

Previously, the PlayStation 5 was thought to be outselling the Xbox Series X/S by a factor of 2:1 but this year Microsoft has been able to increase production and so the consoles is now much easier to get hold of than before – leading to months where the Xbox Series X/S has outsold the PlayStation 5 in both the US and UK.

Sony has nothing to worry about in terms of demand – software sales were up a massive 84% during the last three months – but the more people buy the Xbox Series X/S simply because it’s the only next gen console available the more Microsoft benefits from Sony’s stock issues.

Also revealed in the report is that during the last three months of the year Sony sold 100,000 PlayStation 4 consoles, for a lifetime total of 117 million.

Unbelievably, given the PlayStation 4 had a three year head start, that total will likely end up being beaten by the Switch, as Nintendo also announced its financial results today.

The Switch has already shipped 107.65 million consoles and Nintendo expects that total to reach 128.65 by this time next year.

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