Sony Confirms That PlayStation VR has now Passed the 4 Million Sales Mark

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) headset sales there’s only one company that likes to publish any figures, and that’s Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). Ever since the PlayStation VR hit one million units SIE has kept the industry updated on how well it’s doing. And this week there are new figures, the company has officially sold-through more than 4.2 million PlayStation VR’s worldwide as of 3rd March 2019.

It may not be the massive 90+ million the PlayStation 4 has sold but it’s still an incredible feat none the less, considering VR, in general, hasn’t truly hit the mainstream just yet. Having that many units out in the wild certainly helps when developers are deciding which headsets to support, as they’re more likely to see a return on investment via PlayStation VR than rival devices.

While SIE is proudly releasing sales figures for all to see, companies like Facebook/Oculus and HTC Vive are still yet to deliver any concrete sales figures for their head-mounted displays (HMD), which are due to celebrate their third birthdays this week and next respectively. Both are attacking several markets at once – especially in 2019 – releasing standalone HMDs Oculus Quest and HTC Vive Focus Plus, plus new tethered versions Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive Pro Eye for consumers and enterprise customers alike.

It’s unlikely that either of them will release sales figures for any of their headsets, even with the likes of the original Oculus Rift slowly being discontinued to make way for its successor. And will there be a PlayStation VR 2? Well, hopefully, if SIE sees 4.2 million as a success in a niche market. There have been a number of patent filings but that’s no definitive proof. Most likely we’ll have to wait until at least next year to find out.

Before then, there’s plenty for existing PlayStation VR players to get excited about in 2019, with plenty of new videogames either revealed or confirmed for release this year. Titles such as Iron Man VR and No Man’s Sky are likely to bring even more players to the VR system in the next 12 months. For all the latest PlayStation VR updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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