Sony buys new PlayStation developer but it’s not Bluepoint… yet

For the second time this week Sony has announced it’s bought a new developer, although this time it’s little-known port specialist Nixxes.

The purchases might not be as a high profile as Microsoft, with their $7.5 billion acquisition of Bethesda, but Sony is on a spending spree of its own at the moment, following the buyout of Returnal developer Housemarque on Tuesday.

After what seemed to be a slip-up from Sony Japan many expected the next announcement to be the acquisition of Bluepoint Games, makers of the Demon’s Souls remake, but instead it’s little-known Belgian company Nixxes.

Nixxes has been around since 1999 but they don’t generally make their own games and instead create ports and provide technical support for multiformat titles, having previously worked on franchises such as Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, and Marvel’s Avengers.

Despite Sony previously suggesting that its purchases were only with companies they had a long-term involvement with they don’t seem to have any special relationship with Nixxies, with the only games listed on the Dutch company’s website being from Square Enix.

It seems likely that Nixxies will become a support studio for other Sony studios, perhaps also helping with ports of PlayStation 5 games to the PlayStation 4. They’ll almost certainly also help out with PC ports of existing games, following the release of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

‘We can’t wait to get to work and are so excited to bring our technical and development expertise to an IP powerhouse like PlayStation Studios,’ said founder Jurjen Katsman.

‘We’re looking forward to working with some of the most talented teams in the industry to deliver the highest-quality gameplay experiences for PlayStation fans.’

The purchase is certainly unexpected, and is unlikely to lead to Nixxies creating any new games of their own, but given their speciality Sony clearly has something specific in mind for them.

What’s also interesting about the announcement is that it involves a graphic with the phrase ‘Welcome to the family’ that is very similar to the one used by Housemarque and the leaked one for Bluepoint – suggesting that a further announcement is possibly only days away.

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