Sony boss teases PlayStation 5’s ‘biggest’ features ahead of 2020 launch

2020 has already been a quite exciting time for the PlayStation 5.

Even though Sony is still holding out on specific information about the upcoming next-gen console – full specs, price, specific release date – the company is starting to show its hand a little more.

We saw Sony formally reveal the PlayStation 5 logo at CES 2020, and now PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is starting to tease more announcements for the hardware to come.

Ryan, in an interview with Business Insider Japan noted that there are still some more reveals concerning the console to come – that some unique elements that will be a core part of the PS5 have not been announced.

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Though we already know that the next Sony console is going to hit the market with a built-in SSD that promises to all but eliminate load times, little else is known about the hardware at the moment.

But Ryan tells us there's certainly more to be excited about.

“With every new console, the processor and graphics get better, which is, of course, compelling, but we need to have unique elements too,” the PlayStation CEO explained to the magazine.

“We have already revealed the adoption of an SSD and yes, it’s a big change to have almost no load times at all."

Ryan goes on to explain a little more information about the other features we've been told that'll be coming to the PS5 – such as haptic feedback arriving on the DualShock 5 (the machine's controller).

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“When you experience 3D audio and haptic feedback controls, you’ll notice that it’s an amazing change” Ryan explained, moving on to talk specifically about Gran Turismo Sport which feels like a “completely different experience” when the aforementioned features kick in.

“The game runs well with a conventional controller, but after you experience the fine road surface with haptic control and play using adaptive triggers, you can’t return to the original."

Ryan then teases even more features for the PlayStation 5 that appear to be currently completely unknown:

“But there are still more unique elements to PS5 compared to previous game consoles. We haven’t announced the bigger differences yet.”

Expect to hear more about what these changes are in the coming months – we'll keep you updated as any news breaks.

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