Sony and Microsoft to fight global warming with Playing for the Planet Alliance

Sony, Microsoft, and others have joined together to fight CO2 emissions and help stop global warming, aiming to be more carbon neutral and to inspire others to do the same.

14 CEOs from the biggest games companies are getting together to form the Playing for the Planet Alliance, to help combat their CO2 emissions.

The alliance was formed at the UN Headquarters on 23 September and pledges to combat the growing crisis with game design, energy management, packaging, and device recycling to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 million tons.

Microsoft hopes to reduce its supply chain emissions by 30% by 2020 and to certify 825,000 Xbox consoles as carbon neutral in a new pilot programme.

Sony has also said that they will include energy-efficient technology in their next generation console and a low power consumption mode that they estimate can be achieved at about 0.5 Watts.

As well as console manufacturers, developers such as Clash Of Clans creators Supercell and Angry Birds maker Rovio have joined the organisation. Even Twitch has pledge to use its streaming service to spread the message to the global gaming community.

Nintendo has not yet joined the group but due to the Switch’s lower power and portable nature it only uses between 10-18 Watts, while the original Xbox One uses 70-120 Watts, and PlayStation 4 uses 90-150 Watts.

The full list of 14 current members includes Sony, Microsoft, Google, Supercell, Sybo, Space Ace, Wild Works, Ubisoft, Sports Interactive, Creative Mobile Games, Reliance Games, iDreamSky, E-Line Media, Strange Loop, Internet of Elephants, Twitch, Niantic, Rovio, and Green Man Gaming.

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