Sonic The Hedgehog movie was redesigned by Sonic Mania artist

The reason Sonic now looks like Sonic in his movie is because the film makers got in fan creator Tyson Hesse to help them.

If you got back a couple of decades, before superhero movies hit it big, you see that Hollywood had very little respect for adapting comic books or other media it felt was beneath it.

Superhero costumes and backstories were changed without care and video game movies usually fared even worse, especially monstrosities like Super Mario Bros.

In that sense the original trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog seemed peculiarly old school, with a character that looked nothing like the one from the games. But as seen in the new trailer he’s been redesigned and we know who to thank: Sonic Mania artist Tyson Hesse.

You wouldn’t have thought you needed any kind of expert to notice that the original trailer version didn’t look anything like Sonic – and was super creepy to boot – but once that point was made clear to the filmmakers they did make a proper effort the second time.

Hesse has worked on the Sonic comic series and created the wonderfully ‘90s style animated sequences for Sonic Mania, so he is an obvious person to turn to.

He also posted artwork on Twitter back in March, of what he thought the movie design should look like, which thankfully wasn’t taken the wrong way.

In fact, director Jeff Fowler seem to take the whole fan backlash extremely well and immediately promised changes, which have now been delivered on.

Sonic The Hedgehog is due out on Valentine’s Day next year. A new game is also underway, but Sega has not yet released any details of what it is or whether it’s a tie-in or not.

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