Sonic Prime’s Second Trailer Shows More Alternate Versions Of Sonic’s Friends

Sonic Prime's second trailer confirms that Sonic will be sent to more than just one alternate reality and that he'll be seeing a few different variants of his friends, called "Shatter Versions".

Last month, Netflix shared the first full trailer for Sonic Prime, showcasing the Blue Blur ending up in an alternate universe that seemed to be ruled by Eggman. Although that trailer was the longest we'd seen at that point, it was still relatively short and only showed the one alternate universe that Sonic would be travelling to, causing some to believe that might be the only other one.

Thankfully, the second trailer for Sonic Prime confirms that isn't the case, and that we'll see Sonic travelling to a few other universes as well. The universes that we get to see in the trailer include one that has Sonic's friends as pirates and another one that gives them a more 'wild' appearance. These versions of Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, and Tails don't know who Sonic is, which means he has to reconnect with them all over again.

We also get to see that Shadow will be helping Sonic as he traverses the Shatterverse, seemingly appearing in the realm between universes. A synopsis released alongside the new trailer also confirms that one of the main themes of Prime is Sonic relearning how to work as a team and reconnecting with his friends, which he apparently "took for granted".

The synopsis reads, "Sonic the Hedgehog thinks he’s seen it all before, but when his latest clash with Dr Eggman shatters the Paradox Prism, he’s sent spinning through time and space and into the adventure of a lifetime. As he races through the strange new worlds of the Shatterverse, Sonic seeks out the familiar faces of Tails, Rouge, Amy and Knuckles to help guide him back home to Green Hill. There’s just one problem — these Shatter Versions of his old pals, who all have new looks, attitudes and abilities to go with their new realities — have never heard of Sonic."

It continues, "If he’s ever going to piece his prime reality back together, Sonic must earn back his friends’ trust and show them how to stick together, something that’s never come easily to him. With help along the way from an unlikely source, longtime rival Shadow, Sonic’s action-packed adventure becomes more than a race to save the Shatterverse from the evil machinations of Dr Eggman and his army of Badnik robots — it becomes a race to save the friends that he took for granted. The fate of the Shatterverse rests in Sonic’s gloved hands!"

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