Sonic Frontiers Mod Replaces Koco With Among Us Crewmates

Sonic Frontiers may be yet another game in the series that doesn't include a Chao Garden but Sonic fans made do with the Koco, a species of cute little pot people that Sonic can gather up to improve his speed and ring capacity – that's if they can stomach sitting through Elder Koco's shockingly slow upgrade animation again and again. However, Sonic Frontiers has been the subject of many modders recently, and now one individual has set their sights on these poor little Koco and made them look a lot more sus.

If you want to make your Sonic Frontiers experience more cursed than usual, you can head over to Game Banana and check out CyclonX's mod which replaces all of the Koco with Among Us crewmates, which you'll then find dotted all over each of the game's Open Zones. Just like with the original Koco, collect a healthy amount and then stand still for a handful of seconds and you'll see your little Amogus army sprawled out in front of you. Hopefully, you won't pick up an Imposter along the way.

Just be aware that the mod isn't perfect right now, as there are plenty of things on CyclonX's to-do list. For example, they're still planning to tweak the game's UI to display crewmates instead of Koco, add Among Us sound effects, and mix things up with different colored crewmates. They're also taking suggestions as to what they should eventually replace the Elder and Hermit Koco with too. Let's hope the Sonic community is merciful.

Incredibly, this isn't even the first time that Among Us has made an appearance in Sonic Frontiers, mainly down to the game's Cyloop mechanic. The tool pretty much lets players draw whatever they like on the ground, so players did what they do best and immediately began drawing memes, rude images, and, of course, Among Us crewmates. I guess that's what Sega gets for giving its players limitless freedom and a massive canvas to play around with.

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