Sonic Frontiers Might be Coming Next November

Sonic Frontiers is coming in late 2022. As revealed at The Game Awards, Sonic Frontiers is a bold new direction for the series as Sonic heads into an open world (or “open zone,” as Sega prefers to call it) for the very first time. The Game Awards trailer showed Sonic running through lush open biomes that range from flower-filled fields to ancient ruins.

Sega declined to provide an exact date, which is probably wise given how the ongoing pandemic has continually delayed most games for the past year, but the developer might have provided Sony a tentative release date.

PlayStation Game Size is a Twitter account that normally provides us with the size of PlayStation downloads, but today it’s used its access to Sony’s internal servers to provide us with a Sonic Frontiers release date of November 15, 2022. The Twitter account noted this might be a placeholder date for Sony’s database and not an actual street date. And as previously mentioned, if it is a real release date there is likely to be some flexibility given the realities of game development in 2022.

But hey, you’re not going to see me complaining. Especially when another recent report revealed the whole Sonic voice gang is coming back to reprise their roles in Sonic Frontiers.

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