Sonic Frontiers’ Chemical Plant Shown During Japanese Nintendo Direct

Both Nintendo and PlayStation held showcases this week ahead of Tokyo Game Show which begins this Thursday. A lot of upcoming projects were shown off during the Nintendo Direct, but it seems viewers in Japan got a little extra as Sonic Frontiers, which wasn't featured in the US version of the Direct, made an appearance.

With less than two months to go until Frontiers' arrival, there probably isn't much left that Sega can reveal without giving too much away. It already did that a little bit when players at Gamescom made it further through the game than Sega intended. It's still odd that Japan's Direct got the Frontiers footage on Tuesday and the rest of the world didn't.

The clip, which you can check out below, was pretty short. One that would have been thrown in among all those farming games had it made the western version of this week's Direct. It also didn't show off much Sonic fans haven't seen before, but did briefly showcase a better, albeit fleeting, look at the new game's take on Sonic 2's Chemical Plant Zone.

The blue blur can briefly be seen speeding around a blue pipe adorned in black and yellow which Sonic fans will have instantly recognized as a key element of the iconic levels. Leaked footage from Gamescom previously revealed a remixed version of the original Chemical Plant soundtrack will accompany the new take on the level. It will likely be one of the many cyberspace levels Sonic is tasked with speeding through. The Green Hill cyberspace level has already been shown a number of times.

The short clip also shows Sonic battling baddies in the desert and speeding under the giant foot of a menacing mech which was featured during the most recent story trailer. That trailer revealed Amy will be in the game, but no other characters have been shown. Sega has confirmed Robotnik will have a role to play, and leaked footage has shown Big the Cat will return so he can teach Sonic how to fish.

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