Sonic Adventure 2 Is Takashi Iizuka’s Favorite Entry

Everyone who has played multiple Sonic games has their favorite Sonic game. Odds are a lot of fans have the same favorite Sonic game, and that almost everyone's favorites can be boiled down to a small handful. Both Sonic Adventure games are a part of that small handful, and for Takashi Iizuka, the second of the two stands out above all other games starring the blue blur.

Iizuka, who has been working on games starring the hedgehog since Sonic 3, was asked a lot of rapid fire questions by Game Informer duing the eight-minute video below. The producer fielded questions on a number of Sonic games including Origins and Frontiers. However, of all the Sonic games he has ever worked on, and presumably every one to have been made so far, his favorite is Sonic Adventure 2.

Undoubtedly a popular answer among Sonic fans who have played the Adventure games. Iizuka was then asked what the worst Sonic game is right after. Even the quickfire format didn't trick him into answering that one. It seemed like he had an answer, as all Sonic fans likely do, but he wasn't willing to share it. Maybe one that he didn't work on as he wasn't at Sega yet, but it's highly unlikey the original Sonic or its sequel would be bottom of Iizuka's list.

Perhaps even more interesting was Iizuka's answer to what Sonic game was the hardest to make. The first Sonic Adventure. It was a big leap forward from all the Sonic games that had come before, so it makes sense. Iizuka also gave Adventure fans renewed hope that the two games will one day become a trilogy. When asked if there will ever be another Adventure game, Iizuka replied “some day”.

There is a lot of great stuff considering the interview is only a little more than eight minutes long. Most of it is based around Frontiers since that will be the next Sonic game we get, potentially before the end of 2022. As for whether Frontiers will bring Chao Gardens back to the Sonic universe, bad news on that front. Iizuka confirmed Frontiers will not have Chao Gardens, but did assure fans of them that Chao are not extinct.

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