Somewhere In Red Dead Online, There Is A Terrifying Clown Who Shreds On Violin

The world of Red Dead Online is populated by all manner of miscreants and misfits – but did you know that somewhere, tucked away in an estranged bar off the beaten track, there is a lonely clown who absolutely shreds on violin?

Footage of this mournful humorist was recently shared on YouTube by a channel called Linearoach Movies. The filmographer notes in the description that although they’re patiently waiting for a Red Dead Redemption 2 editor that’s officially licensed by Rockstar, they’ve already put together some short clips using what they’ve currently got at their disposal.

One of these clips focuses on a musically ambitious clown, who has been both cursed and blessed by his prodigious talents as a violinist. Check it out below.

It’s absolutely petrifying, isn’t it? Our clownish composer kicks off his gig with Niccolo Paganini’s Caprice No. 5, an utterly chaotic hullabaloo that no doubt stirs the audience into an irreversible state of unrest. The juxtaposition of its turbulent riffs with tranquil scenes of deer wandering the plains outside is eerily uncanny – but there’s more.

After taking an initial bow, our wordless comic moves on to his next track, Bazzini’s La Ronde des Lutins Op. 25. Although this is slightly more tame in tone, it’s still relentlessly upbeat – the piano accompaniment does somewhat distill the lingering chaos of the opening performance, though.

The jester concludes his tripartite concert with another composition of Paganini’s: Caprice No. 24. Deceptively somber, it brings the mood right down – but before long, our treacherous harlequin plays through his disturbing denouement before dropping the mic alongside the jaws of everyone in the audience.

It’s not necessarily unusual to encounter oddities as you traverse the vast expanses of Red Dead Online. It’s not even unusual to encounter clowns. From raining alligators to flying horses, Red Dead Online is just really weird most of the time.

But this particular clown, equipped with a violin and a will to perform – what are his motivations? What has he got up his sleeve? It’s impossible to know.

One thing is for sure, though: if you hear violin shredding at any point on your odyssey across the Wild West, get your horse, turn around, and gallop as fast as possible in the opposite direction. And whatever you do, don’t look back.

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