Someone Smashed The Smash Bros. World Record By Smashing For 69 Hours

A player has smashed the world record for the longest time spent playing a fighting game. Streamer TCNick3 played Smash Bros. Ultimate for nearly three whole days straight. That is a whole lot of Bros. getting smashed.

The previous Guinness Book of World Records holder in this category is Daniel Bergman, a Canadian who played Super Smash Bros. (it's not written which particular title) for 57 hours straight in 2016, but that record has now been demolished (thanks Gamesradar). TCNick3 now owns the record as he surged past the previous holder with a consecutive playing time of 69 hours, four minutes, and 20 seconds, or 69/4/20 (hur hur).

TCNick3 had two vetted unaffiliated witnesses to ensure he didn't break any rules regarding his world record attempt and to observe him playing. He also altered his eating and drinking habits so as to reduce the amount of time he needed to take breaks to excuse himself. To abide by the Guinness Book of World Record's rules TCNick3 could only take a 10-minute break for every hour played, while the YouTuber slept only two hours a night for the 69 hours he managed in his Smash Bros. marathon.

TCNick3 was one determined customer, saying that he didn't want to just beat the record, but that he wanted to "crush it" and so set the goal: "play for 69 hours straight… no further explanation needed". While TCNick3 persevered in order to take the record and reach his stated goal, it can't be a recommended thing to do. Very long consecutive gaming sessions, without significant breaks, can be quite unhealthy and the streamer revealed the mental and physical toll the record attempt took on him.

The YouTuber acknowledges the moment he overtakes the record holder and becomes the new world record owner, which occurs around the 30-minute mark in the video. But TCNick3 had an aim in mind: to reach exactly 69 hours, four minutes, and 20 seconds. While he even slightly exceeded his stated goal, the streamer and Smash Bros. player has smashed his way onto the Guinness World Records although the organisation will take some time to verify his attempt and officially accord him the new title.

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