Someone Made Twinleaf Town And Route 201 From Pokemon Diamond & Pearl In Unreal Engine

One Reddit user has recreated Twinleaf Town and Route 201 from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in Unreal Engine.

Sometimes it seems like there’s no end to the creativity of certain fandoms when it comes to fan art and fan creations. Pokemon is a series that has inspired many people to show off their creative muscles, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. For instance, one fan has recently turned legendary Pokemon Regirock into Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Another fan has even gone so far as to show us a glimpse of what Twinleaf Town and Route 201 from Diamond and Pearl could look like if Game Freak was to remake the games using Unreal Engine.

Reddit user papabeard88 posted the screenshots which have gone on to receive heaps of praise from the Reddit community. The first screenshot shows a massively detailed imagining of Twinleaf Town, complete with log cabins, a small pond, and plenty of lavish greenery. The rest of the screenshots give us a more realistic look at Route 201, which includes the large grassy area just before Sandgem Town where many of us will have caught our first Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl.

The voices of Pokemon fans desperate for a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl must surely be getting too loud for Nintendo to ignore at this point. It only feels like a matter of time before we get an official announcement from Game Freak, possibly later this year if the rumors of the remakes being announced in November 2021 are true.

For now, fans clamoring for the remakes will likely continue to give us amazing pieces of fan art to show us what could be possible. Either that, or they’ll draw Dawn every day until they’re announced in some kind of strange protest. Whichever way Pokemon fans choose to use their creativity, let’s hope Nintendo finally announces the Diamond and Pearl remakes this year so we don’t have to play through the originals for the millionth time.

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