Someone Made A Perfect Replica Of The Halo 2 Pistol Using Lego – They Even Added Sound Effects

There are some impressive cosplayers out there in the pop culture community, and even more impressive creators who build the props. 3D printers have become the tool of choice for building weapon replicas, however, one Halo fan has gone back to basics with Lego.

Posting on the Halo subreddit, one user shared their replica of the Magnum Pistol from Halo 2. The all-black handgun has been built to perfection, including a removable magazine and fully-functioning slide. An unexpected part of build is the user’s addition of sound effects. The sound design alone should be up for an award, despite one fan’s hope for “pew pew” sound effects.

Redditors praised the dedication it took to make the replica black in its entirety. It was also noted that if the user managed to construct Lego bullets, then they would have a real, block-built gun. From a distance, it would be hard to tell that the creation was made from Lego, and makes an impressive accompaniment to any Master Chief cosplay. While it is unlikely that the mechanical sound effects are coming from the gun itself, the syncing of it definitely adds to the complete display package.

You can check out the pistol on Reddit. Also be warned that the OP includes ableist language in the username.

The M6C Magnum Sidearm is a variant of the Misriah Armory’s M6 handgun series, and made its debut in Halo 2. The UNSC handgun has a short-medium range and is distributed to members of the vehicular crews of the Marine Corps. The defensive close-combat weapon uses 12.7mm ammunition that causes effective damage against flesh-based infantry. While the pistol is successful at close range, its accuracy falls short to other M6 models, and is useless in long-range combat. The sidearm’s design is influenced by the Walther P99, as well as the FP-45 Liberator – used by the United States during World War 2.

With pop culture conventions at an all-time low during the pandemic, the chances of seeing any new Master Chief cosplays are slim. However, the Halo TV show is back to filming and we’re hoping for a release this year. The adapted series has impressive casting – including Pablo Schreiber as the Chief and Jen Taylor reprising her role as Cortana – and we hope the weapon and costume design will follow suit.

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