Someone Is Making Command & Conquer Short Films In The Style Of Pixar’s Cars


There’s absolutely no excuse for anyone who calls themselves a Command & Conquer fan to not immediately subscribe to the Direct & Dominate YouTube channel right this instant. This YouTube channel has a criminally low subscriber count for the quality of animations that it puts out on a nearly monthly basis.

Direct & Dominate: Absolute Units is like Pixar’s Cars, but instead of those adorable cartoon characters being based on boring old civilian vehicles they were all based on C&C units. There’s Pathfinder the GDI Humvee, Paycheck the Nod Harvester, Packer the Armored Personnel Carrier, and Highlander the Medium Tank. He’s got a Scottish accent, y’see.

For some reason the A-10 Warthogs are all British, which seems like a missed opportunity for something distinctly American, but maybe the production team is based in the UK.

Benjamin Tay is the man in charge, credited as writer, producer, and lead animator. He’s got a few friends providing voice work, but the heavy lifting seems to be all Tay. His episodes started out short at just 3-4 minutes, but episode six is inching above the 10-minute mark. There’s also outtake videos, super short joke vids, progress vids, and showcases whenever Ben creates a new Pixar-style C&C unit.

And these videos are both cute AND hilarious. Check out episode two to see what I mean.

Tragically, this isn’t Ben’s day job, so updates are infrequent, but if enough people sign on to the Patreon, maybe he can make this a full-time gig.

It seems that it’s fans that are really keeping the C&C franchise alive. Sure, EA came out with the remastered original collection of Command & Conquer games, but if you want to get a remaster of C&C Generals, your best bet is this Red Alert 3 mod. It takes the Red Alert 3 engine and gives it C&C Generals makeover, complete with all the C&C Generals units and General abilities.

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