Someone Has Made A Survival Horror Game Set In IKEA

We've all been there. You've picked out the piece of furniture that you want, your feet are aching, and the only thing getting you through the rest of IKEA is the tasty meatballs. Well, you'd better count yourself lucky that you aren't the protagonist of The Store is Closed, a new survival horror game that has you locked in a furniture store gathering supplies in order to survive and escape from the monstrous employees.

Shared by PCGamesN, this unique little horror game comes from indie developer Ziggy. The Store is Closed takes place in a fictional furniture store (which definitely isn't IKEA) called Styr and tasks players with using their surrounding to take out and avoid the horrible abominations masquerading as employees. You'll need to dismantle furniture to build your base, scavenge the food court, and craft weapons to fend off any horrible creatures while you make your way deeper into the store to find your way out.

As you progress through the game, employees will get more dangerous and the nights will get much deadlier. For example, one moment in the game's trailer (which is embedded down below) features a huge, hulking creature that blasts through a nearby wall. Definitely not someone you want to tangle with in a dark furniture store.

If you're a bit too nervous to check out This Store is Closed by yourself, you'll be pleased to know that the game also features online co-op, meaning you can drag some friends around the store with you for some extra backup.

If you're interested in checking out This Store is Closed, it's currently available to wishlist on Steam, or if you want to show your support you can pledge to the game's Kickstarter which ends in a little over a month. The game's creator has stated that it will launch at some point in late 2024 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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