Someone beat Elden Ring in under 3 hours with no deaths – prepare to hate

If you’re on hour 30 of Elden Ring and still feel you’ve barely started be warned: this story may make you feel angry and/or inadequate.

Elden Ring is not an easy game, and it is also not a short game. HowLongToBeat currently suggests the quickest time to beat it, by ignoring most of the side content, is around 44 hours, but we’re willing to bet it takes most people well over 100.

So the last thing any normal human will want to hear right now is that someone’s just beaten it in two hours and 35 minutes, without dying once.

You don’t even get the chance to say that they’re probably lying, because there’s video evidence of it that you can watch below (which is filled with spoilers, natch).

On the one hand you can at least be relieved that ‘niko bellic’ didn’t do it blindfolded or using a Guitar Hero controller, both of which have been done for previous FromSoftware games, but on the other hand you can guarantee that, before long, someone will come along and do it even faster.

By using a mixture of skill and shortcut glitches, speedrunners regularly figure out ways of beating even the longest games in a fraction of the time they’re supposed to take, and that’s clearly already happening with Elden Ring.

As impressive as this is though, especially given how recently the game came out, our favourite speedrun story is still the guy who beat every Soulsborne game (as they were back in 2019) back-to-back without even taking a hit, let alone dying.

We’re no idea how that’s humanely possible but, again, you can just watch it and see if you don’t believe it.

If you’re still struggling yourself though, you can check out our beginner’s guide to the game here, although it won’t really help you if you’re looking to do your own speedrun.

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